The Halligan Bar is chocked full of memories and reminders to the owner of his past years in firefighting; all of which also exists to tell his guests a story.

Guests in “The Halligan Bar” can view a variety of photos, paintings and lithographs that document the owner’s service since he became a firefighter in June of 1992.

Adorning the top of the bar are the mugs commemorating housings and Apparatus dedications that he has attended over the past 20 some years.

Some of the more meaningful things that are seen on bar walls are shown below…

The First Responders’ Wall

Ever first responder who visits are welcome to leave their company patch on the wall.

Texaco Fire Chief Gasoline Collection

As Texaco grew, so did their commitment to performance. In 1932, they introduced Texaco Fire Chief gasoline, followed by Sky Chief gasoline in 1938 – bringing higher-octane options to pumps across America.

Texaco Fire Chief Gasoline ran from 1932 – 1959. Featured, on the wall, are two replica tin sign advertisements and an original magazine page from the 1950s.

“The Locker Room”

“The Locker Room” was a gift; hand-painted in 2012 by Retired Philadelphia Fire Dept Lieutenant Richard Popolo.

This painting features the uniforms and gear worn by the owner, along side his compadres, as serving in the Gilbertsville Fire & Rescue Company from 2008-2011.

The Service Ladder

Photo Coming Soon…

The service ladder is a refurbished ground ladder, sanded and sealed with linseed oil.

It is scheduled to be mounted on the staircase wall displaying a framed t-shirt from every company the owner has been a member of.

Companies include:

Harleysville Community Fire Co.
Gilbertsville Fire & Rescue Co.
Towanda Fire Department
PA State Fire Marshall’s Unit
Greater Valley EMS & Rescue
Rescue Fire Co. No. 1
Nesquehoning Hose Co. No. 1