Revamping the Decor

improve We’re changing it up a little bit and reorganizing the bar decor. Coming soon wlil be another high table and chairs to bring capacity to 12.

collect buy zyban During the revamp, we will be consolidating all of the personal photographs into one area. We will be creating a stand-alone section to honor the Texaco Fire Chief gasoline memorabilia. We’re also adding a dedicated area for the Disney collection which will include prints, art, pins and figures to celebrate Disney’s recognition of the fire service!

buy finasteride ebay As soon as everything is done, we’ll post the photos!

Adding the Ninja Air Fryer

The Ninja Air Fryer

where to buy phenergan in australia After several evenings of cooking up fries, wings, fish and so forth, we’ve decided to lose the oil and upgrade to more clean and less expensive method for frying up the food stuff.

So, coming in March, we’ll be adding the Ninja Air Fryer. Though it may take a bit longer to cook up the fried foods, we’re confident that it will be more worth the wai and much less of a mess.

New High Table is Here!

A new high table and two more seats are finally in and ready to go. Another set is on the way and expected to be installed by Valentines Day!

Corner Seating

Airpot Coffee Bar

In the hopes of providing a more comfortable environment for guests and promote a more social atmosphere, there are plans in the works to develop a full service airpot coffee bar next to the food service area.

Airpot Coffee Bar
Airpot Coffee Bar

Guest Seating Upgrade

In February of 2019, we will be adding 2 high tables and 6 more chairs into the bar to welcome a total of twelve seating locations.

Both the tables and chairs will be fully height adjustable and have their own drink menus and drink specials cards.